Building your dream team

Attracting and hiring the right people is often a trial and error process.

Although finding the right employees can be tricky at times, there are some ways to ensure you build the kind of team that will improve your business. Here are three ways to build your dream team:

Create a vision
Envision your ideal work environment and overall culture – think about what qualities, skills and talents are required to achieve this vision. When hiring, don’t be tempted to hire too quickly, ask applicants specific questions tailored to your vision and only hire those with the specific qualities your business needs.

Attract the right people
Market your business an employer of choice by providing employee benefits such flexible working arrangements, opportunities for career advancement, work-life activities etc. Be sure to capture the essence of your business in your marketing efforts and in your job descriptions (when hiring) to attract the right candidates.

Give frequent recognition
Employees are more likely to become advocates for your business if they are satisfied with their job. A large part of job satisfaction is receiving regular recognition for good work and progress. Positive reinforcement can provide employees with a higher sense of purpose, can improve motivation and lead to higher levels of staff retention.

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