Budget friendly online marketing strategies

Online marketing strategies are a cost-effective way for small businesses to create awareness and attract target customers.

Although small businesses don’t have the budgets and resources large companies can afford, they are not completely at a loss as there are many low-cost online marketing strategies available.

Here are three low-cost marketing strategies to boost your business’ online presence:

Creating a blog for your website is a great way to engage with your customers on a regular basis while boosting traffic to your site and improving your search engine results.

Social media
Business’ with an active social presence have more opportunity to grow their customer base and get feedback from their customers. Connecting your blog posts to your social accounts is also a useful way to gain more traffic and followers.

Optimised content is engaging and relevant for your site visitors and can improve your website’s search engine rankings. To optimise your content for SEO, use both short and long-tail keywords; keyword-rich phrases; and original and unique content.


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