Boost employee engagement

Employee engagement is more vital than ever before to a business’s success and competitive advantage.

Workers who are not motivated to work convey a bad impression to customers and are more likely to make mistakes. Employees who are engaged significantly outperform those who are not engaged.

Employees are no longer spending their careers working at one company until their retirement. In today’s business environment employees often have many jobs in their working life. Employees also have greater flexibility on where, when and how they are working, so businesses need to keep their workers motivated and engaged.

It is also more cost-efficient for businesses to retain valuable employees, rather than having to pay the prices associated with recruiting new workers.

There are many factors that can impact an employee’s engagement; however, there are three key drivers. Engagement is affected by the employees:

  • ƒƒrelationship with the immediate supervisor
  • belief in senior leadership
  • pride in working for the company

There are five key areas that managers can focus on daily to encourage employee engagement:ƒ

  • treat all employees with respect
  • give credit when it is due
  • communicate clearly, consistently and oftenƒƒ
  • offer benefits
  • provide an optimal workplace environment for them to thrive.

Employees should feel comfortable to express their ideas regardless of their position or role within the organisation.

Managers also need to recognise the important contributions being made by employees and reward those accordingly. Top performers in the business are an invaluable asset in driving a business forward, so it is important that they are given opportunities to excel and are rewarded when they do so.

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