Benefits of a flexible working space

Although flexible work spaces are not suitable for everyone or every business, there are significant benefits to offering flexible working arrangements.

Businesses can deliver better results from allowing employees to work from where they need – whether it be home, a cafe or even on their daily commute.

Flexible working can increase employee productivity as it gives employees the option to determine their best working arrangement to meet their personal needs. This can lead to higher levels of engagement, commitment to the business and more motivation to achieve results.

Offering flexible working arrangements can also help when looking to recruit new staff. Flexible working is a highly desirable benefit, especially for younger generations. Flexible policies demonstrate that your business is willing to adapt to changing environments, which can help attract top talent.

For many businesses, flexible working also results in less office space, providing the potential to save money on desk space. In addition, flexible workers are shown to have higher levels of job satisfaction and are more likely to stay with your business, leading to lower turnover rates and hiring costs.

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