Attracting and retaining talented staff

For employers, the ability to hire and retain talented staff members involves providing opportunities that encourage engagement, enable learning and reward staff contributions.

Most talented individuals want to learn and grow in their current working position so they can improve their skills and therefore continue to advance in their careers.

Therefore, creating opportunities for staff to improve their career prospects is essential for businesses if they want to retain and also leverage the talent and energy people bring to their job.

One way businesses can engage staff is to provide meaning. People are more likely to thrive in their role when they feel connected to what they do. Those who know why their job is important are also more likely to achieve a sense of purpose or belief that inspires them to do their job. To give your employees more meaning, start sharing your business’s mission regularly, recognise employee contributions and reward achievements

Another way to engage staff is to provide direction. To enable people to add value to their job, they first need to understand their role and actually want to play it. Staff need to know not only what they must do today in the short term, but also how they contribute to the success of the business in the future. Just as important is encouraging an understanding of how they can grow and advance their careers within the business.

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