Are Instagram or Facebook ads more effective in e-commerce

Instagram and Facebook are social media giants, and their extensive reach and impact can make or break your business marketing. When deciding about which platform to focus your resources on, several factors should go into your decision-making process.

Who has a greater reach?
Overall, Facebook has 2.07 billion users compared to the 800 million active users of Instagram. Instagram can often gain a strong reach regarding business and brand promotion as the organic network allows individuals to follow hashtags and see what friends are following through the “suggestions for you” section. Facebook has a greater reach than Instagram so is appropriate for attempts to boost the overall visibility of your brand.

Who uses demographics better for greater engagement?
Facebook has introduced a new targeting application which allows businesses to be particular about whom they want to target regarding locations, age, gender, languages and connections. Instagram has a higher female usage than male and is more popular among young adults between the ages of 19-29. If your business is interested in reaching a younger market, Instagram may be a better choice.


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