Should you consider using visual search technology?

Using visual search technology for your business is a great way to increase customer engagement. When presented with a paragraph of black and white text, it is unlikely that customers will remember much of it. However, studies have shown that the average person can recall 65% of the visual content they see up to three days later, meaning that using visual elements in your marketing increase customer retention.

isual search technology uses images to conduct an internet search rather than keywords. This is particularly useful for businesses dealing with tangible products such as fashion items, decor, food, artworks and furniture. Visual search is expected to significantly impact the eCommerce world, with the rise of the image-based culture evident through social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Online shoppers today have higher expectations on the quality of websites. If a retailer website has no images for their products, they are likely to look somewhere else. One study found that 69% of young consumers preferred to shop based on visual-oriented searches. This is mainly because visual search allows customers to find what they’re looking for five times faster than text-based searches.

Another reason why you should consider using visual search for your business is that it goes hand in hand with social influencer marketing. Influencers are the target for many brands due to their large, established follower base. They generally share image-based posts which can be used by consumers to search for the items in the picture.

Implementing visual search also makes SEO easier on your part. Visual search technology has an image-to-text feature that tags image automatically, without you having to put individual tags for each post. This way, your images are SEO ready with tags you might not have thought about yourself to be discovered by customers.


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