Budget-friendly ways to promote your small business 

Promoting your business can seem tricky to navigate and expensive, especially when there are budget and staff restrictions to think about. However, there are a number of ways to promote your business easily and cost-effectively.

Blog content:
Posting well-written and relevant blog content on your website can help boost website traffic while capturing the trust and engagement of potential customers. Regular content that aligns with the interests and needs of your audience will generally work best in gaining profile views.

Social Media:
While social media may seem like an obvious channel to keep running on as a background form of promotion, it can be worthwhile to invest more time and resources to get the most out of your business’s social media presence. Keeping the aesthetics and content of your social media pages regularly updated and relevant can be a great way to establish a brand image and gain attention from your target audience.

Facebook ads:
Facebook ads allow for targeted advertising through audience segmentation where businesses are able to customise their audience based on characteristics such as age, location, gender, and interests. Facebook ads are also inexpensive to run compared to other advertising options and can be helpful to target a particular audience.

Email Marketing:
Growing your mailing list can be a great way to establish customer loyalty and to encourage customers to remember your business and revisit your website. Websites like Mailchimp and Benchmark are free email marketing services that are easy to use with predesigned templates.

Radio advertising:
While radio advertising may seem outdated, it can be a good way to gain exposure for your business. Running an ad on a local radio station is usually inexpensive and can target proximate customers.

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