Attracting return customers

Pouring money into advertising to attract new customers only works up until a point, what you really need to think about is retaining a customer once you have them. Treating all customers in a way that makes them want to return is more likely to generate success in the long-term.

Be a business they can’t refuse:
Giving customers more than they expect and aiming to exceed their expectations is a great start for attracting return customers. Building up a portfolio of unbeatable products and services, displaying exemplary customer service and providing guarantees for loyalty can help you attract and impress prospective clients.

Customer incentives can also be a great way to keep people coming back. This may be as straightforward as implementing a loyalty program, offering discounts, running special events and promotions, early access to sales or even freebies. Customers appreciate a business that acknowledges their loyalty, it shows that a business is paying attention and makes them feel valued and included.

Knowing your product or services better than anyone in your marketplace can also put you in a position of expertise in your field. By establishing your brand or business as a leader in product knowledge, customers return on the basis of stronger support, trusted expertise and valued insight.

Show your appreciation:
Clients notice even the smallest of thoughtful gestures. Some companies make follow up calls or emails following the conclusion of a transaction. Thanking customers for buying or using a service goes a long way in cementing in the customer’s mind that they are not just another faceless number. By delivering an experience that makes your customers feel valued and appreciated is a great way to gain repeat, loyal customers.

Communicate effectively:
With the prevalence of social media, small businesses are able to reply directly to customer complaints or issues. Rather than ignoring these or responding with PR spin, it is best, both from a customer service and internal viewpoint, to acknowledge the complaints and see what can be done to remedy the issue. Client complaints can be the first sign that things need to be fixed, and constructive criticism should be encouraged.

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